Throughout 2017, the City came under fire by homeless advocate groups who are demanding the City repeal the camping ordinance. The MDLC held several meetings with the Mayor’s staff and members of City Council to ensure they understand the importance of keeping the camping ban in place. The Mayor and the majority members of Council remain committed to keeping the ordinance in place and are working on alternative solutions to the homeless issues that plague the City.

Denver Homeless Out Loud’s Right to Survive ballot initiative was certified by the Denver Clerk and Recorder and will appear on the May 2019 municipal election ballot. In addition to repealing Denver’s Sit and Lie and Camping Ban ordinances, this initiative would also repeal all curfews for City parks and property. MDLC is actively engaged in Together Denver, the campaign to defeat this initiative – CHLA President, Amie Mayhew has been appointed to the campaigns Executive and Finance Committees.