Several ballot initiatives have been certified for the May 2019 municipal election in Denver including:

  • Right to Survive Initiative – This initiative:  1) prohibits Denver from enforcing essential laws that protect public safety, 2) allows people to occupy all outdoor public places, including parks and sidewalks, indefinitely, 3) eliminates all park curfews, 4) allows for people to permanently park and live in cars, and 4) allows for unfettered distribution of food in public spaces.
  • Denver Airport Minimum Wage Initiative – Raises the minimum wage for all employees working at Denver International Airport to $15 by 2021.
  • Let Denver Vote Initiative – Prohibits the use of public monies, resources or fiscal guarantees to be used in connection with any future Olympic games without the City first obtaining voter approval to do so.
  • Psilocybin Initiative – Makes the personal use and possession of psilocybin “magical mushrooms” by persons 21 and older a “lowest law enforcement priority” in the City and County of Denver.