The Energize Denver Task Force presented, published, and finalized recommendations to the City and County of Denver in September 2021 that would reduce the 49% of Denver’s greenhouse gas emissions that come from buildings towards zero by 2040.  There are several required components to this ordinance, which are outlined below:

By June 1st each year all buildings in Denver at or over 25,000 square feet are required to annually assess and report their energy performance using the free ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool. The City publishes the building energy performance data at to enable the market to better value energy efficiency. The 2022 Benchmarking data request is open!

Click here to learn more about benchmarking requirements.  

The Energize Denver ordinance establishes energy use intensity targets for buildings over 25,000 sq. ft. – click here to learn more.

The ordinance also requires Buildings between 5,000 and 24,999 square feet to install all LED lights OR install solar panels or purchase off-site solar by the schedule listed in the rulemaking. Building owners do not have to do both options, only one is required for compliance. Click here to learn more about lighting and solar requirements.

Lastly, the ordinance establishes electrification requirements of space and water heating equipment upon system replacement, when cost-effective. Click here to learn about electrification requirements.