Hotelier of the Year 2022 Award Nomination Form


Nominations for our 2022 awards are now open

The deadline to submit nominations is midnight 10/28/2022


Submissions due in









To qualify for a Hotelier of the Year or the Innovation Award, the candidate:

  1. Must exhibit service above and beyond their normal job responsibilities through outstanding leadership qualities, performing heroic deeds, and/or consistently adding to the general well-being of the guests.
  2. Must be employed by an active CHLA member.
  3. Must be a current General Manager for a minimum of two years, or a former General Manager for at least three years and still active in the industry in a different capacity.

Optional Documentation:

Additional materials may be submitted for the judges’ consideration, but are not required. These may include photos, letters of commendation, guest comment cards, or news clippings.


  • Step 1. Nominee Information

  • Step 2. Your Information

  • Step 3. Description of Qualification

  • Please describe why you think this Nominee is deserving of this award, please use examples of significant innovations/accomplishments and as much specific information as possible. Supporting materials that can help the judging panel to understand why this candidate should win this award should be included.
  • Please tell us how this individual has demonstrated strong leadership at his/her property and moved the industry forward in significant ways? Please specify and provide examples.
  • In the hospitality industry, working with charitable organizations and community groups is paramount to success. Please tell us how the individual has contributed to the community at large, including participation in civic, community, educational and other organizations.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.