About The MDLC Team

In addition to networking events, the council membership consists of bimonthly luncheons that include speakers on topics that affect the local community. Luncheon topics include legislative issues, tax issues, transportation issues, new developments in the metro area and more!

MDLC's 2019 Board of Directors

Government Affairs

MLDC continues to monitor several issues at the City and County of Denver.

Ballot Initiatives

Several ballot initiatives have been certified for the May 2019 municipal election in Denver including: Right to Survive Initiative – This initiative:  1) prohibits Denver from enforcing essential laws that protect public safety, 2) allows people to occupy...

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Energize Denver

Denver’s benchmarking ordinance requires owners of buildings over 25,000 square feet to annually benchmark the energy use. The City’s programs also engage tenants to improve energy efficiency of their spaces and provide resources to improve the efficiency...

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Green Roofs Initiative

Following the recommendation of the Task Force, last October, the Denver City Council passed a green buildings ordinance to replace the Green Roofs Initiative that was passed by voters in 2017.  MDLC actively participated on the Task Force that drafted the...

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Tourism Improvement District

The MDLC Board, in partnership with VISIT DENVER was successful in implementing Denver’s Tourism Improvement District.  The District was approved by the electors in November of 2018 and the 1% folio tax took effect on January 1, 2018.  Money generated from...

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Short-term online rentals

The short-term online rentals ordinance that was passed by the Denver City Council in 2016 requires that all short-term rentals all hosts register and remit lodger’s tax to the City.  Additional information on the City’s short-term rental ordinance and the...

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Security Guard License

In October, 2017, the Denver City Council adopted revisions to the Security Guard Licensure ordinance.  This ordinance requires that all security guards, both in-house and third party, receive a license from the City prior to beginning work as...

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MDLC Membership

Your property or company must be a current CHLA member to join and participate in this local council.

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